General Questions

COSTS: Does it cost anything to participate?

VISITORS:  Absolutely FREE to you to participate. Having you there, and sharing the event details with others is one of the best ways to support what our artists are doing!

Our artists are eager to share their work and have made small investments into this event to bring it to life each year. Certainly, we hope you will be interested in artwork and will buy from participating artists to support their craft and the many ways they invest in their own growth and marketing.  Some artists may have donation options available on-site, but we leave that to you. There is no obligation, and we hope you enjoy the event and all the good will our artist’s muster up!

ARTISTS: Yes, we collectively share the costs for printing of brochures and any other marketing efforts we decide to invest in collectively. Costs have ranged between $75-$200 a year (this has depended on the printer, and advertisements we have attempted).  Many of us have also volunteered skills to support this (like me, the webmasteress, and others who help coordinate marketing, writing for articles in local papers, etc).

Additionally, some studios provide the public with snacks and beverages at their own discretion.

For Visitors/ Participants

How long does it take?

You can expect that it may take you the whole day to visit all the galleries, so we recommend starting early. Some galleries have more to see than others. The mosaic house, and backyard galleries may take up a bit more of your time than an artist performing their craft in plein air.

There seems to be a pretty constant flow during the event and the only other factors that may change that is weather (heat, rain), parking,  and traffic due to other community events in downtown Dunedin. Plan accordingly.

MAP: Your map shows a particular route. Do I have to follow the map? Do I visit every studio?

Our map is a suggested route. We highly encourage each visitor to review the list of artists and get a sense of where each of their studios are located.  Visit the ones that most appeal to you and take a peek at the ones that are near-by (you might be pleasantly suprised!) You can expect that it may take you the whole day to visit all the galleries, so we recommend starting early.

There seems to be a pretty constant flow during the event and the only other factors that may change that is weather (heat, rain), parking,  and traffic due to other community events in downtown Dunedin. Plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Artists

FIRST TIME - What should I do to help me prepare?

This event is unlike any other. You have an opportunity to introduce the public to your art studio and help educate others about the creative process. However, it will be a very busy day of negotiations and conversations about your work.  We have found the following tips very helpful of navigating a 6-hour day of interested patrons;

  • Gather up volunteers to support you throughout the day. Depending on the space you have available, consider having friends, or other non-participating artists, schedule time to hover and keep an eye on the crowd, answer questions, and support sales.
  • Test out your space and be well prepared the day before. Many of us do a “dry-run” ensuring we have good placement available for all the pieces we want to show, and a good flow for traffic. It is never “just” a 6-hour day for the host artist! 
  • Have a plan in case there is bad weather. Do you have a garage space available? Can you move cars out of the way to provide as much parking as possible for visitors?
  • Let your neighbors know you are a participant of the event and the impact it may have on traffic to your area. They will appreciate you for giving them a heads up, and may even get curious and come by for a visit.
  • Have a mailing list sign-up available to keep track of your visitors and support next year’s event!
  • Make sure to have plenty of business cards and smaller affordable items available. Many artists find that they do very well selling prints, greeting cards, postcards, and other items during the event.
  • Although not mandatory, consider offering snacks and an area for visitors to hang around and enjoy your work
How do I get my studio involved?

Currently, Studio Waltz is limited to home studios of artists who do not have their own galleries however offer their work within the community galleries and local businesses. In order to be considered, you must;

  1. Have a home studio that provides acceptable space for this high traffic event (or be sponsored by a Waltzer)
  2. Have inventory available for sale and presentation (lower priced items are also encouraged as many visitors are very interested in buying artwork but may not have the budget for larger gallery-ready items. This in no way discourages the presentation and sale of larger pieces of work!)
  3. Be willing to participate (and contribute a small amount financially) in the promotion and distribution of marketing materials, the event, and the display of signage on the event day. This includes promoting on your own social media, gallery community boards, and website if available. All participating artists share the cost of that year’s efforts to promote the event, and costs are discussed collaboratively.
  4. Participate in group dialogue about the event with other artists and participate in supporting communication (it takes a village to launch this every year, if you have a skill or time to offer, we encourage you to do so.)
  5. Use our contact form below to contact an artist with tenor in the event and consideration of your home studio.
What is the event like for local artists? Do all artists have indoor galleries in their home?

The answer to this question is highly influenced by each artist’s space. We have artists who utilize their entire backyard for gallery space, and others whose homes are galleries in and of themselves. We have artists who simply join adjacent to another artist’s studio, demonstrating their craft and providing small items for purchase. And one couple’s entire home is a work of art. Not all artists open their entire homes to the public and limit visitors to one area.  

If you are a potential artist interested in participating, consider carefully the possibility of having 150-200 people visit your home throughout the day, and your ability to handle high traffic. If this is not comfortable for you, or you are uncertain about participating as an artist, we highly encourage you to participate in the Studio Waltz one year to feel out the experience.

How do you determine when this event will be held?

We do our best, every year, to determine a good timeline amidst the many events held in our community, to ensure as much traffic as possible (and hopefully not compete with larger arts & crafts fairs). It takes quite a bit of planning.  We have to consider hurricane season, other events, and our own collaborative effort to find a timeline that works for the 12-15 artists that participate each year. In the 25+ years in which this event has been held, we have not canceled or missed an event (until COVID-19 in 2020!). 

Since this event is run purely on artist volunteers who are providing time, expertise for marketing, and graphic design, we start planning early so that everyone is well prepared with marketing tools and timelines. 

The best timeline in which to be considered for joining as an artist with an at home studio would be between the week after the event until mid-March when finalization of participants are made and promotional materials are in development. If you would like to be considered please contact us with the form below. 


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