Studio Waltz November 12th 2022


Local Artists –
Dunedin/Palm Harbor

The Art Waltz is limited to local artists with home studios who are open to sharing what they do with the general public. This is not a gallery exhibit.

8 Artists
6 Stops

Check our map for all the stops in Palm Harbor & Dunedin!

Open Hours

Daily: 10 am — 4 pm —  Saturday ONLY
2023 Dates: March 25th & November 11th

Unique opportunity to see Artists in their Studios!

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November 12th Artist’s

Hot Waltz Spots

Connie Parkinson

Connie Parkinson

Lampworking – Beads & Glass

In 1995, after years of collecting beads from all over the country, Connie Parkinson finally made the leap and took her first beadmaking class from a local lamp worker in the Tampa Bay area. From the very first bead, she knew that she had found her true passion: “lampworking” or the art of melting and manipulating glass in a flame.

Connie makes her creations at home in her own personal glass studio and prides herself on never mass-producing her inventories. She sells her work in galleries and specialty stores and participates in juried art shows around the State.

“Lampworking” is the art of melting and manipulating glass in a flame. The glass is wound around a steel welding rod (called a mandrel). When the bead is complete, it is annealed in a kiln, and when cooled is removed from the mandrel, cleaned, and made into jewelry.

Location Map

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2023 Map
David Lawrence

David Lawrence

International Photography

David is constantly amazed by the beauty and order of nature. His curiosity and sense of wonder have been fueled by a degree in environmental biology and extensive travel on assignment. He sees our world as a giant collage made up of unlimited small elements. His work ranges from large-scale panoramic landscapes to detailed macro views. Sometimes looking at the “whole scene” and other times studying the geometry and colors found in the details.

Ever evolving, his photographic career has journeyed from the world of corporate clients and international picture agencies to creating murals and artwork from his personal image collection.

Through his photography, he hopes to encourage others to explore “our world”, enjoy it, preserve it, and be more diligent in making balanced choices concerning our natural environment and historical landmarks.

Mikell Herrick

Mikell Herrick

Photographer & Palm Frond Art

Mikell Herrick is a self-taught photographer who takes most of her pictures right in her backyard, on the shore of Lake Rhonda, with a focus on the many birds that visit her every day. Sharing her images through a wide variety of prints and note cards, you can expect to see intimate views of wildlife, beautiful scenes from the natural world around us, and even the amusing antics of the squirrels and cats that call her place home. After retiring to Dunedin in 2014, she also took up painting Palm fronds and seed pods, recycling this native “yard waste” into a variety of colorful & whimsical fish and masks, to become iconic Florida art.

Patty McAnally

Ceramic Artist

Patty taught Art in Cherry Hill, NJ Public Schools for 17 years. Her clay work reflects the many influences she has had over the years of working in clay.

Her work is mostly functional that can be for daily us or decorative purposes. She throws on the wheel using hand-building techniques, and at times combines the two techniques together.

The textures and color are what give each piece a distinct style and look. She loves making pottery and currently uses the Dunedin Fine Art Center as a hub for her creations. Working clay has been a constant source of joy, learning, and change, and allows her to express her creative talents. 

Essie Bergen

Essie Bergen

Whimsical Watercolor & Acrylic Artist

​​Essie is a local watercolor and acrylic artist who loves sharing her passion for art with everyone. Her “garage studio” layout is a direct reflection of this, designed to give an open air experience that infuses joy and happiness with each encounter. Every painted character has a unique personality brimming with delight. Her art is inspired by the nature around her and the world. Several of her painted birds are of the little feathered friends who frequently visit her front yard garden, some even inspired by her neighbor- Mikell Herrick’s nature photography. You can expect to find a variety of artwork in Essie’s studio : originals, prints, cards , magnets and much more including locally inspired work! In addition to painting animals Essie also creates wooden coastal milage signs.

Evelyn Dufner

Evelyn Dufner

Acrylic & Mixed Media Artist

Evelyn is fascinated by the collective experiences and stories that weave through the human experience. As a storyteller, she often plays with concepts of self-awareness, evolution and exposure, sensuality, vulnerability, and whimsy. Her work exhibits similar narratives, providing windows to her own sense of self in order to connect to the rest of the world.

Her current body of work utilizes acrylic, ink, paper, stencils and collage to create texture and contrast. She is known for working in bold, vibrant colors, often blending directly on the canvas, sometimes pushing, washing, or dripping medium, or pollinating brushes with different paint colors.

Carol & Blake (Mosaics)

Carol Sackman

The Mosaic House of Dunedin

Carol’s life revolves around art, so much so that her Dunedin, Florida residence has, in itself, become an enormous ongoing work of art that is now a year-round tourist attraction that hosts the area’s annual Studio Waltz and open house sale. Working primarily in mosaic, fiber and painting, the interior and exterior walls of the house are a sight to behold, not to mention the home’s cabinetry, closets, and other such fixtures. In 2013, she and her husband, artist Blake White, were commissioned to create and install a large mosaic mural for the Tampa Aquarium. In stating “Art is for everybody,” Ms. Sackman goes on to say, “It’s up to you. There are no more parent rules. Do what pleases you; what makes you happy.”

Blake White

The Mosaic House of Dunedin

See Blake’s incredible mosaic-covered studio, walls & floor & his 25’ long mosaic wall. He has evolved from painting walls to telling detailed stories of life, myths & his fantasies in the mosaics & other work he creates. He works with tile, glass, found & discarded objects & broken china that friends leave for him. Blake is a self taught artist who has always been fascinated with mosaic & glass & has found satisfaction in the work he created with these materials. He says that his wife Carol’s artwork has inspired him to pursue his own exciting work. Blake, Carol & their 5 cats live in a brightly covered mosaic covered house on a large pond in Dunedin, Florida


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Waltz History

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The 28th Studio Waltz

 Free Tour of the Arts

Take the opportunity to visit and talk with nine (8) well-established local artists at six (6) exciting studio locations in Dunedin and Palm Harbor.

Saturday, March 25th, and November 11th, this free event allows you to meet artists from varying disciplines who will talk with you about their creative process, allow you to view work in progress, and enjoy home studio exhibits. They will have reasonably priced, original works from ceramics to jewelry, paintings, photographs, mosaics, collages, and whimsical sculptures, all available.

There is something for everyone from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with some light refreshments at various stops. A clear, easy-to-follow map is available.

The Artists

Introducing the 2022 Artist lineup! We are excited that we can open our studios again with some precautions. Many of our artists would appreciate if you remain considerate of others and wear a mask in tighter areas. If you are vaccinated we hope you will still use good judgment. Our artists are well established in their art and many teach locally at art centers and colleges.

  • Connie Parkinson’s [1] passion is the creation of glass jewelry from beads she kilns herself.
  • David Lawrence’s [2] photography focuses on the wilderness and natural beauty found in local and non local settings.
  • Mikell Herrick’s [3] focus is on wildlife and scenic vistas on fronds and in photography.
  • Patty McAnally‘s [3] love ceramic work both on the kick wheel and hand-built.
  • Essie Bergen‘s [4] Whimsical watercolors with delightful creatures from sea-side living
  • Evelyn Dufner’s [5] intuitive style of painting depicts vibrant, abstract perspectives of our world.
  • Carol Sackman and Blake White’s [6] home/studio is a unique mosaic-covered house with antique buttoned jewelry, mosaic objects, paintings and fiber art.
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Press Releases

Studio Waltz is Back in Action – 2021

Studio Waltz is Back in Action – 2021

Introducing the 2021 Artist line up! We are excited that we can open our studios again with some precautions. Many of our artists would appreciate if you remain considerate of others and wear a mask in tighter areas. If you are vaccinated we hope you will still use good judgement. Our artists are well established in their art and many teach locally at art centers and colleges.

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